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Galactic Travel will bring the Meeple Station into new areas in space, depending on, there is enough Power and Oxygen.

Galactic map[edit | edit source]

The galactic map is randomly generated with each new game. There are several things to consider, resources, dangers, trade and other mysteries. Certain locations, mobs and events are specific to where you inhabit.

Engine setup[edit | edit source]

To begin travelling, players need a Quantum Engine setup. There must be an Engine Core connected to an Ignitor and Injector The more engines and components players have, the greater the distance they can travel.

Hazards[edit | edit source]

There are many hazards in space. When travelling to a new location, players will need protection. Shield Generators do the job in most cases.

Pirates[edit | edit source]

Pirates can be a threat in various ways. Sometimes, they'll board the station disguised as traders. Sometimes they'll try to blow up the station with their ships. The more infested the location is, the more deadly they will be.

Trade[edit | edit source]

Depending on how close the station is to other stations and trade routes, it will be a more appealing candidate for Trade Ships. A high renown is also great to make trade ships appear frequently.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Players should pay attention to the colourful Asteroid clusters on the map. The color determines the type of material found on the asteroid. A lot of minerals nearby are always awesome! Read more about on the page with Resources.