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Research mode (or only called "research") is most important for the space station's survival. In the playable demo tutorial, the player will gain access to this panel, when an official will board the station.

In this panel, the player can research important technologies to improve the station:

  • Laboratories - Allows the creation of laboratories and hiring chemists, to develop new minerals for advanced refining.
  • Advanced circuity - Allows the creation of advanced circuits, used in most advanced technologies.
  • Shield generators - Enables construction of shield generators, which are able to store power to absorb various projectile attacks.
  • Botany - Enables hiring botanists, and planting bay constructions. Used to create better food at a much quicker rate.
  • Advanced powercells - Enables the construction of superior powercells, both advanced and regular, to store enormous amounts of energy.
  • Fuel Processors - Enables construction of dilithium fuel processors, and hiring quantum physicists to maintain them. Dilithium fuel is used in various technologies.
  • Quantum Engines - Enables construction of quantum engines, used to travel around the quadrant.