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Resources can be collected from nearby mining stations or bought from traders.

Known raw resources[edit | edit source]

Known refined resources[edit | edit source]

Known combined resources[edit | edit source]

  • Moxilia - from Morilium and Dilithium
  • Plurithite - from Dilithium, Titanite, Durathite
  • Voxite - from Morilium, Morilite, Croalite
  • Dolithia - from Steelium and Dilithium
  • Jeelia - from Steelium and Brothium
  • Gluebia - from Brothium and Morilium
  • Viscerite - from Steelium, Titanite and Lazerite
  • Globomite - from Cocilite, Brothite and Brothium
  • Cocilite - from Brothite and Morilite
  • Titanite - Steelium and Steelite